Automatic capsule filling machine routine maintenance methods

Machinery Maintenance is one of the factors a mechanical cycle, in order to ensure that the capsule filling work, safeguard capsule filling machine is a very necessary thing. Here we take a detailed look at capsule filling machine routine maintenance methods.

routine maintenance method 1-2

1. Daily inspection equipment when operating records succession for troubleshooting.


2. Keep the outside clean inside the device, such as bearings, gears, cam groove, bushings, etc. can not enter the dust and debris, especially in the cam groove line stud within rolling bearings, end curve of rolling bearings, linear center of the disk, must be clean clean, cleaned regularly greased regularly.


routine maintenance method 3-4

3, all bearings, guide posts and loose piece, should be injected into the grease after a certain period, cams, sheaves, rollers, gears, chains, sprockets have always drop poise or inject grease.


4, once a week to check the tightness of the drive chain and adjust, eliminate pollution poise, apply grease.


routine maintenance method 5-6

5, run 250-300h capsule filling machine to replace the main gear box oil decline, checking powder feeding mechanism reducer, lubricating oil supplement.


6, to prevent grease substances into the loss of power brakes, power brakes ensure reliability.


routine maintenance method 7-8

7, the replacement powder varieties with gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the parts in contact with the powder, capsule top and bottom plate holes, surfaces and other components, and remove the guide ring and seal cabinet dust: when a long time does not replace the drugs are also You should always clean up.


8, the vacuum system, the switch weekly cycle of reincarnation bucket of water to ensure that the vacuum cleaner: clean the filters regularly open clogged dirt.