HuaDaCN capsule filling machine features explained

HuaDaCN capsule filling machine is carried out according to different models of a variety of research and development from abroad. It uses a new type of scientific ideas and the brake links pills filling work become easier. Have a look at five on the characteristics of the machine instructions.


1, fully enclosed design, all in contact with the powder and capsule departments 304 quality stainless steel materials, and solves the washable, long-winded mold assembly and assembly of precision molds are difficult to align the subject.

2, the cam next set design and configure the atomization pressure pumps, fully maintain the cam groove lubrication to reduce wear and extend component life.

3, in the large weighing pan design. Progressive average flow metering plate powder filling full real measurement is correct.

4, to enhance the selection of the cam indexing mechanism, making molds and machine balance wheel operation, fully guaranteed mechanical transmission of chaos and filling correctness.

5, using a capsule vacuum positioning mechanism to make the capsule probability of more than 99%.