Machine cleaning, sanitation standard operating procedures

Periodic capsule filling machine for maintenance and cleaning of oil is conducive to long-term operation of the machine, the following is a method to clean the machine, it can be used to refer to.

1, the cleaning frequency:

   ① After the end of production batch;

   ② Continued production after the end of each shift;

   ③ Before production, post-production cleaning, disinfection;

   ④ Change varieties, specifications, must be cleaned when the batch number;

   After facility maintenance must be completely clean and disinfect.

2, cleaning tools: Clean cloth smoke tobacco, vacuum cleaner, brush, clean bowls.

3, cleaning agents and disinfectants: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.

4, clean way: Press after the first wash removed, after the first period, after the first zero the whole sequence:


1) production of the same type of cleaning order:

    ① Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to clean automatic capsule filling machine powder filling apparatus within the module;

    ② Remove the pink punch, measuring plate, powder hopper to get room cleaned, washed again with potable water, purified water and then clean with a dry cloth to dry after moistened with 75% ethanol wipe cloth sterilization;

    ③ Directly touch the drugs and equipment parts, with purified water and cleaned with a dry cloth after dry with a cloth moistened with 75% ethanol wipe disinfection;

    ④ Glass shield and appearance of the equipment with purified water and scrub clean;

    ⑤ Clean up the site, after passing through the test, hanging "cleaned" status flag;

    ⑥ Fill clean record.

  Change varieties cleaning sequence: In addition to the production of the same species with the clean up procedure, we must also do the following tasks:

   ① Remove the capsule barrel and a capsule hopper to get room cleaned, washed with purified water, clean, dry cloth and then dry, then use a cloth dampened with 75% ethanol wipe disinfection;

   ② Scrub with a cloth bearing the cam disk activity, then scrub again with purified water, and then dry cloth to dry, then use a cloth dampened with 75% ethanol wipe disinfection.

5, cleaning effect evaluation: overall smooth appearance. With a clean white cloth to wipe all parts of the device, no stain on cloth, stain, no residue traces.