NJP-1200 capsule filling machine for the use, care and maintenance

1. Purpose

NJP-1200-automatic capsule filling machine use, maintain and repair procedure, regulate the use of the device operation, ensure the normal and safe operation of equipment to assure product quality to meet the process requirements.

2. Shared scope

The procedures for NJP-1200 full-automatic capsule filling machine use, maintenance and repair.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 devices Department is responsible for the drafting of this practice. Schedule amendments, is responsible for supervising the implementation of this regulation. 3.2 production departments the equipment operator in accordance with this standard manipulation.

4. The procedure

4.1 capsules filling machine with intermittent motion and multi-position plug measuring mode, are a capsule to turn, SAC, filling, pick scrap, SAC, product launch processes in one of the fully automatic capsule filling equipment.

4.2 the operator and maintenance personnel shall be formally in accordance with the practice for operating and maintenance regulations, no illegal operations, ensuring normal production.

4.3 the operators each week filling a food grade lubricant refueling point, cam roller Coated face once a week in food grade grease.

4.4 counterparts do not use gasoline, kerosene, ether, acetone and other solvents to clean, use muslin or cotton wool dipped in alcohol to clean wipe. Up to 1200 in PCs/min.

4.5 transmission gear boxes is appropriate to add new oil every six months. Every two years replaces lubricant (shell 68# gear oil)

4.6 the adjusting mechanism and electrical parts must be flexible, reliable, is prohibited during operation of the machine or by hand in contact with the running part, touch screen wash is strictly forbidden.

4.7 equipment during operation is strictly forbidden by hand, touched to clean its scroll position, in order to prevent danger.

4.8 replacement molds are required before powering on after flipping the main motor the hand wheel with his hands, and configure the machine in motion 1~2. Demands should be operational flexibility, no abnormal resistance, can turn into production.

Note: 1. Run automatically shut the glass door that is necessary, such as open plexiglass door, the security indicator, the machine will stop making a career change.