Requirements NJP-1200 Capsule Filling Machine type

1.NJP-1200-capsule filling machine with intermittent motion and multi-position plugs measurement methods, the capsule is a U-turn, sub-sac, filling and rejection, co-sac, product launch and other processes in one of the fully automatic capsule filling equipment.

2. The operator and maintenance personnel should be strictly in accordance with maintenance procedures and maintenance procedures to operate, must not illegal operations, to ensure normal production.

3. The operator of each week to deal with each refueling point filling a food-grade lubricants, the inner cam rollers Face week painted a food grade grease.

4. The table does not allow parts with solvent gasoline, kerosene, ether, acetone and other cleaning, use muslin or cotton wool dipped in alcohol to clean wipe. Up to 1200 / min.

5. The reduction gear box appropriate to add new oil every six months, every two years should be replaced Lubricants (Shell gear oil # 68)

6. The adjustment mechanism and electrical parts must be flexible, reliable, do not touch the machine or contacting each operation site during operation, the touchscreen is prohibited to clean water.

7. equipment during operation, do not touch, rub it was touch scroll position, in order to prevent danger.


8. NJP-1200 capsule filling machine type mold each replacement are required before turning the main motor hand wheel pulled by hand, so that the machine running 1-2 laps. It requires that the machine should be flexible operation, no abnormal resistance, before boot into production.

Note: to run automatically when necessary shut the glass door, such as opening plexiglass door, security lights off, the machine will switch to pause.