Capsule Filling Machine Exception Handling

Automatic capsule filling machine integrates machine, electricity, gas as a whole, microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency control, equipped with electronic automatic counting device, the machine agile, filling the correct dose, novel structure, attractive appearance, facilitate manipulation can be done automatically each capsule in place, separation, filling, locking etc, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, meet the requirement of medicine sanitary.

HUADACN capsule filling machine manufacturer summarizes some exceptions automatic capsule filling machine in operation prone:

First, the capsule shell can not be separated.

1. The capsule shell for their own reasons, need to replace the capsule shell.

2. Vacuum too small, see vacuum table can be seen. Vacuum too small Cause a lot. Pump their own reasons, to find a machine repair staff repair or replace the vacuum pump. A vacuum pump connected to the capsule shell isolated tracheal rupture, replace the trachea. Vacuum filtration membranes blocked, cleaning the filter membrane. There are other reasons the water flow is too small, the bigger the water pipe replacement. For more detailed analysis of the topic needed. Here I list only a few simple.

3. The module capsule shell separator gap is too large, or adjust the height of the capsule shell separator at either modules or module telescopic rod has a problem. We need analysis in order to find a solution. Here too thin or too sticky powder is most likely a topic in the powder.

4. The module is not for good. Debugger arm to the module, until the auto seating.

5. The powder is too viscous to block the module, the module should be cleaned.

Second, the head and tail concave capsule, the capsule shell itself is sometimes a problem, I've met a lot of this, the replacement of the capsule shell is solved. Then view the thimble at the need to adjust the height of thimble. Sometimes increased risk of bladder force area can also be solved. ENVELOPES increase the force area is a little rough custom thimble. This is a listening capsule manufacturers who said we were not done.

Third, the capsule rub split, this is very troublesome, but also frequently encountered. We need to be carefully treated. This behavior is typically below for several reasons.

1. Capsule own reasons, the capsule cap and body difference is too large. We need to replace the capsule shell.

2. Module residual powder too. Need cleaning module.

3. When installing the module, upper and lower die no positive re-alignment module. Until the debugger automatically bar seating.

4. In fact, the particle size of the powder also has a relationship. In the process of talking with others, others say there are reasons for this. I did not specifically confirm. If you do have this reason, then do join this one should verify whether the particle size can lead to insert hack phenomenon, if indeed confirmed that this phenomenon occurs, then consider whether to replace the screen when sized.

5. The capsule shell capsule closure cap at the thimble is too high.

6. resolve insert split phenomenon, there is a way to try to shorten the distance between the upper mold and the roof, of course, is too short too. The principle is: The plug has not occurred before the split, it speaks its shared lock. This method does work, this is the way I used the most. Once before, I found inserted hack, how to adjust no solution. New plant to replace almost the entire batch of the capsule shell, and finally I have used this method to solve the problems split plug.

Fourth, the amount of difference is too large, this is not a fixed method. Readjust the filling lever. The basic reason for this is directly related to the powder. If the powder and related equipment to consider, please direct refusal filling positions and require rework granulation.

Fifth, with the spacing between Spatulas dose tray should be 0.5 mm, it does not touch the plate can be encountered dose. Or shorten the interval to increase the direct influence of load. Sometimes you can try to increase installed capacity lower intervals. If in the shortest possible time intervals, the filling lever did not pressurized, high loading capacity, please direct requests granulation post rework.

Sixth, the export of finished products at the lock at removing waste bag bearing at blocking, basically due after powder thrown into, please clean the bearing and a suitable amount of oil, this oil is better than a few buttered on. After washing and drying should ensure that the bearings are, otherwise, it will be immediately blocked. Each time clearance, the bearings should be removed to be cleaned and oiled.