Procedure of capsule filling machine

1, press the "power switch" on the green button, turn on the power.

2, slowly adjust the "vibration intensity adjustment knob" clockwise, then "Vibrobearings" associated with consolidation as one of the pack disc starts to vibrate, touch the disk pack rectify, adjust the feel to a certain oscillation intensity.

3, will be loaded into the capsule shell powder "means powder capsule shell pack rectify disk", each about to put about 300. The capsule cap into the "capsule cap pack rectify disk", each about 300 or so. Rectify disc pack with a plexiglass plate, there are a lot drilled the next big small funnel-shaped hole, the hole diameter and the number corresponding to the diameter of the capsule.

4, about 30 seconds, loading powder capsule shell and capsule cap that is falling into the hole, and ashamed upward. When the case of individual ashamed downward available capsule cap sets down gently pressed, you can set out.

5, the level of handheld devices powder capsule shell adapter plate (figure at the end shown, have been randomly ready, adapter plate has a round hole) in the lower part of the disc pack to rectify inside a little push, packed powder capsule loaded disc consolidation shell will fall down the hole in the adapter plate, then took adapter plate. The same method, using a capsule cap adapter plate pulled out of the capsule cap.

6, can prepare in advance a bottom area of 500 × 500mm2, high sides of powder about 10mm square plate, built-in powder, capsule shell powder will be installed flat on the adapter plate powder square pan. Then randomly assigned in a plexiglass box cover plate installed powder capsules pick, shovel with a small handful of powder into the box, with a rim scratch, you can fill the powder, and scrape the excess powder.

7, with a random distribution of the capsule cap Kit board (shown at the end, suits panel hole), on the capsule cap plate connected with the alignment hole, it is easy to place. Flip capsule cap board, capsule ashamed downward, has been installed in sets of powder loading powder capsule shell access panel, but also the alignment hole, it is easy to Fit.

8, the capsule has nested plate into the "capsule cap molding board" below the cavity, pulled down by hand "lever" and place, without excessive force beware, because under the pressure of a positioning mechanism control height. Remove the cover plate he capsules, the capsule can be poured.Text material from the HUADACN capsule filling machine manufacturer.