How to choose a professional automatic capsule filling machine

Capsule machine is a fast machine filled with drugs, how to choose a professional automatic capsule filling machine, we need to model the machine, it works to start.

Capsule filling machine type:

The emergence of the capsule filling machine include the automatic type, semi-automatic as well as manual type. Including professional automatic capsule filling machine is a very sophisticated device, regardless of transmission parts, or perform pieces of material, heat treatment, precision machining parts, automation and other very high demand, HUADACN production of automatic capsule filling machine the shape of the machine of continuous improvement and development, not only reduces the machine noise, while also adding more personality.

Professional automatic capsule filling machine works:

Capsule top trough drum, as the drum roll to roll, the feed tube can be easily taken into the capsule empty capsule material layer, and vertically moved downward in a station at the next feeding tube really a discharge door open, there will fork into the capsule positioning device, after the horizontal and vertical positioning (ie U-turn), positioning means projecting the capsule to the cup on the die holder, under the body of the capsule while also projecting mold hypanthium aligned pop cup mold, vacuum acts on the lower lock lever, separate the cap body cap left in the cup holder dies, the body is left in the cup holder next mold. Now complete the metering tube inserted under measurement will rise, and aligned with the contraction in place under the care cup mold capsule body is filled, then under the care extended to the outer position of the cup mold, and the mold confluence hypanthium the feed tube locking engagement lever next really a downward movement of the capsule after filling were lock, the lock lever at the last rise, the top of the capsule. So the cycle, continuous operation.

Summary: When we choose to go to a professional automatic capsule filling machine, we need to understand the model also works the machine.