Steps and methods capsule filling machine mold exchange

Today we are through text and video way to explain the steps and methods capsule filling machine mold exchange

1, when replacing the capsule filling machine capsule filling specification, the mold must be replaced in order to meet the requirements of the production process.

2, on the replaced module.

3. Remove the loosened fastening screws under the module, remove the upper and lower module.

4, the upper and lower modules are installed in a corresponding 10-bit work on installing the module should be full access to the positioning pins on the turntable, the first module for the next fastening. On tightened module, the module debugging rods are inserted into holes in the two outer mold, the upper and lower mold holes in the rear, and then tighten the screws to ensure commissioning lever on the lower mold bore flexible rotation.

5, replace the main module to hand plate moving motor shaft wheel, turn the dial, the module must be removed prior to commissioning the lever is rotated.

6. Replace capsule dispensing member

7, the capsule hopper release the two screws and remove the screw and the hopper.

8, the movable main hand drive wheel motor shaft, so sending fork moves to the highest position.

9. Remove the two fixing screws sending fork member, and sending fork aside from the two positioning pins, slowly remove it.

10. Remove the screws fastening the guide groove of the capsule, remove the guide groove.

11. Remove the fastening screw on the fork, remove the fork.

12, will replace the capsule dispensing components installed in reverse order, tighten the fixing screw.

Replace the dose plate and stowage rod

13, rising powder hopper, turn the main motor shaft wheel, so that the filling lever support in the highest position.

14, loosen the locking knob on the filler rod holder, unscrew the adjusting screw on the holder, the holder is removed from the holder.

15, the bottom of the holder body has a long plate screw holes loosen and remove the packing rod, be careful not to let the spring falls out after replacing the filling lever, the pressure on the pressure plate and tighten the screws.

16, the two screws securing the filling bar bracket and remove the bracket.

17. Remove the four screws securing the powder feeder, conveyor removed.

18, with a special wrench to remove the three screws securing the dose disk, remove the disk and the dose ring containing powder.

19, the ring containing powder from the dose disk removed is attached to the disc replacement dose.

20, installed replacement dose tray containing powder and a ring fitted with three screws, do not tighten.

21, mounted on the drug lost after turning the adjusting bolt fastening, so that the gap between 0.05-0.1mm Spatulas with the dosage disc.

22, mounted on the filling lever bracket and tighten the dose tray and debug rod into each well.

23, carefully rotate the right amount of dosage dial so that the rod into the debugging smoothly and carefully tighten the screw rotation after tightening lever can not be passed if the commissioning, but also to re-adjust until smooth insertion date.

24, the mold replacement, must make appropriate adjustments to the machine, turn the main motor shaft by hand wheel, make the machine run 1-2 cycles. If you feel unusual resistance when in operation, should immediately stop the rotation, to find fault and remove up to the normal is to.

25, will be kept by the operator to replace the mold, and conduct regular maintenance.