PLC technology in the field of capsule filling machine

Capsule filling machine is equipped with a very complex, the two transmission parts, or work items, materials, heat treatment, precision parts, automation very high demand.

In recent years, capsule filling machine capsule high efficiency, good quality, to the pharmaceutical industry standard machine is widely used. With the development of the national pharmaceutical industry, semi-automatic capsule filling machine is no longer able to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies in high-volume production. The empty capsule feeding device, a capsule dispensing apparatus built capsule filling machine, the internal mechanism of the powder material under furniture, metering plate means, capsule filling and sealing the main transmission idea structure and electrical control systems and the like.

With the development and use of computer technology, PLC using a capsule filling machine systems, technical means and security capsule filling machine has a lot of progress, it will be a big lift in pharmaceutical packaging.