How to ensure the quality of the filling capsule filling machine

Use capsule filling machine filling work greatly improve work efficiency, but the use of capsule filling machine, we have to consider how to ensure the quality of the filling capsule filling machine. The following material is the result of long-term experiments and work with the customer to get the results we want to help.

Capsule filling machine filling the traditional method of quality control is to take a small capsule every 30 or 60 minutes (usually 10) check weighing. However, to ensure the quality capsule filling machine filling when there is a very important place, that is, capsule filling machine debugging.

After long-term quality problems we found in the debugging and defect capsule filling machine has a high incidence of correlation. Therefore, after each time the device after each parameter adjustment or repair, we'll take a lot of samples to do an acceptable level (AQL) test. It consists in adjusting the machine to get the standard weight, the machine continues to run five to ten minutes, stop, then every moment capsules defect inspection. Through a large number of defects in the sample study, we found that in most cases the quality defects attributed to commissioning.

For example, in case the capsule splits and lack of edge, usually show upper and lower dies not in the same line or capsules binding station thimble setup issues. If the capsule may be a depression capsule thimble thimble may be a problem or set size or configuration errors. Most capsule filling machine vendors to provide a guideline to help solve difficult problems and analyze these issues. So have problems, you can contact us at our official website address is