Working principle of automatic capsule filling machine

Today, let us work together to learn what works about automatic capsule filling machine. We mainly through four places will be explained.

1. Inside the hopper mounted on the hollow capsules with a capsule filling machine operation, one by one into the order means the order of the fork, the role of the capsule through the guide slot and fork to turn around the capsule, the machine once every movement, releasing a capsule into the module row hole, and make it the next capsule, the capsule cap on.

Consider the following schematic picture

This is a work on the principle of automatic capsule filling machine illustrating.

2. The gap between the turntable is rotated so that the capsule turntable module is output to the station, vacuum separation system along the capsule into the hole in the module while the cap body apart. With the machine running, the next module outward, and staggered on the module to prepare the filling material.

3. within the powder consists of a stainless steel hopper containing powder into the metering device rings, height of the inner ring of powder containing powder is controlled by the level sensor. The compacted grain filling lever to push the capsule body, adjust the height of each filling lever can change the amount of the charge.

4. The next module is retracted into the module and close, after a push rod so filled capsules were engaging the locking and engaging good product launch capsule collection. Vacuum Cleaner module to clean hole into the next cycle.

Through the above described roughly four steps, we can probably understand the working principle of automatic capsule filling machine.How to choose a professional automatic capsule filling machine, you can also go to judge good or bad according to the principles of the machine