Pill Press Machine

The Function Of Tablet Press Machine

  • Tablet press machine is mainly used to study on the tablets of the pharmaceutical industry. Tablet presses a granular material into diameter not greater t han 13mm circle, shaped and with text, symbols, and graphics tablet automatic continuous production equipment.

Pelleting Press Workflow

  1. Head rush under (its working position facing up) die die in the bottom into the holes in the sealing die hole in bottom;
  2. Using the die-filling in the holes in the feeder to the drug;
  3. Chong Chong the head position (its working position down) die hole into die hole at the top, and down a certain itinerary, the powder into tablets;
  4. Chong on ascending out of the hole. Down rose will die pills out, completing a Tabletting process;
  5. Rushed down to the in-situ, and prepare for the next fill.
TDP-series single punch pill press machine

TDP series is characterized by easy to use, easy to maintain, small size, light weight, and The filling depth of material, pressure and thickness of tablets can be flexibly adjusted.

ZP-series rotary pelleting press

ZP series is a single Roller continuous automatic tablet press for pressing various kinds of different shape tablets and plain tablets It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industries.


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