Capsule / Tablet Polishing and Sorting Machine

  • Capsules special polishing equipment for polishing machine for capsules, tablets, to remove the dust on the surface of the capsules and tablets, improve surface finish, suitable for all kinds of capsules and tablets.

The Working Principle 0f Capsule Polisher

  • Through the brush rotation, driving capsule polishing cylinder wall in a circular spiral movements, advances the capsule along coil springs, and brushes, polishing cylinder is under the constant friction, capsule shell surface polishing, polishing capsules from the outlet into a waste hopper.
  • Waste picker, due to negative pressure effect, capsules in the presence of air, light weight of unqualified capsule rose, through a straw into a vacuum cleaner, qualified capsule weight continues to fall, through events out of the hopper discharging effectively achieve the purpose polished to waste.
  • Polishing powder and small debris was brushed off in the process, through the holes of the polishing cylinder wall after entering the sealed tube, recycling within a vacuum cleaner by suction.
Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule polishing machine is a capsule, tablet dedicated polishing equipment, to remove the dust on the surface of the capsules and tablets, to improve the surface finish, suitable for all kinds of capsule and tablet production.

Pill Polishing Machine

The machine is pharmaceutical processing equipment that removes the fine surface dust from tablets by using vibratory effect. Tablets are pushed by gentle vibration to go down a nine feet long perforated stainless steel tray to shake off the dust which is removed by a vacuum dust collector. All parts coming in contact with product are made of S.S. 316 and covers made of acrylic.


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